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  • Gold price are under selling pressure amid US dollar rally

    5 Apr 2021 02:51 PM |

    Gold prices fell in the opening of this week trading, as the markets in cheerful mood

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  • Oil fell at the beginning of the week's trading

    5 Apr 2021 11:51 AM |

    Crude oil prices decreased with the beginning of the week's trading, as the decision for a gradual

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  • US economy added 517K jobs in private sector

    31 Mar 2021 03:46 PM |

    The number of jobs added by the US economy in the private sector increased during March, as the National

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  • China's economic recovery continues, driven by the performance of service sector

    31 Mar 2021 02:08 PM |

    The Chinese economy continued to show signs of continuing its economic recovery in March,

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  • UK economy grew more than expected in Q4

    31 Mar 2021 10:53 AM |

    The British economy grew at a faster-than-expected pace during Q4 2020 but throughout 2020, th

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  • US consumer confidence at its highest in a year

    30 Mar 2021 05:35 PM |

    Consumer confidence in the United States improved significantly during the month of March,

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  • US stocks declined as bond yields rise and the US hedge fund crisis continues

    30 Mar 2021 03:00 PM |

    US equity futures declined today as US Treasury 10-year bond yields rose to their highest in 14

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  • ECB member warns against sharp policy changes

    30 Mar 2021 10:59 AM |

    Vets Vasiliuskas, a member of the European Central Bank and Chairman of the Lithuanian Central

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