• US dollar rises with positive expectations for jobs data released today

    7 Feb 2020 12:56 PM |

    US jobs data are the top of the most important economic data expected during today's trading,

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  • Fears of coronavirus affect the performance of safe havens

    31 Jan 2020 01:08 PM |

    Despite the positive economic data in China released Friday morning, which came somewhat positively

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  • Importnt trading day in Canadian dollar

    22 Jan 2020 12:05 PM |

    The markets are awaiting many important economic events in Canada that will strongly affect the Canadian dollar's

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  • BOJ raises its growth forecast for its first meeting in 2020

    21 Jan 2020 11:54 AM |

    BOJ raises its growth forecast for its first meeting in 2020
    The Bank of Japan announced this morning its decision

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  • Fears of a shortage of supply lead to oil rises

    20 Jan 2020 11:23 AM |

    The most prominent events that attracted investor interest in the weekend are the lack of oil supplies by Libya and Iraq

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  • Why the markets not affected by China economy which recorded the weakest growth in decades?

    17 Jan 2020 12:03 PM |

    The main concern of the markets this morning was the issuance of GDP data in China

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  • After the end of the first phase of trade negotiations, markets await US retail sales

    16 Jan 2020 12:04 PM |

    US President Donald Trump announced yesterday evening the terms of the first agreement

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  • Trump calms the markets and support it recover again

    9 Jan 2020 11:29 AM |

    Investor fears caused by geopolitical tensions began to decline yesterday evening,

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