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  • Germany economic suffer from slow down at the start of 2020 ... what next?

    14 Feb 2020 04:06 PM |

    The German economy began in 2020 with stability in economic growth and a state of weakness that dominated the manufacturing sector

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  • The Week Ahead: Powell testifies to Congress, Coronavirus uncertainty, RBNZ to signal patience and Germany’s recession fears

    9 Feb 2020 04:22 PM |

    Main Points

    • Fed Chair Powell’s testimony to Congress will focus heavily on the coronavirus, the “new risk” to the economic outlook. Congress will want further clarity on what the Fed is prepared to do

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  • US dollar rises with positive expectations for jobs data released today

    7 Feb 2020 12:56 PM |

    US jobs data are the top of the most important economic data expected during today's trading,

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  • Fears of coronavirus affect the performance of safe havens

    31 Jan 2020 01:08 PM |

    Despite the positive economic data in China released Friday morning, which came somewhat positively

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  • Importnt trading day in Canadian dollar

    22 Jan 2020 12:05 PM |

    The markets are awaiting many important economic events in Canada that will strongly affect the Canadian dollar's

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  • BOJ raises its growth forecast for its first meeting in 2020

    21 Jan 2020 11:54 AM |

    BOJ raises its growth forecast for its first meeting in 2020
    The Bank of Japan announced this morning its decision

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  • Fears of a shortage of supply lead to oil rises

    20 Jan 2020 11:23 AM |

    The most prominent events that attracted investor interest in the weekend are the lack of oil supplies by Libya and Iraq

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  • Why the markets not affected by China economy which recorded the weakest growth in decades?

    17 Jan 2020 12:03 PM |

    The main concern of the markets this morning was the issuance of GDP data in China

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