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Technical analysis report

15 Apr 2021 02:33 PM


The pair succeeded in rising near the expected target at 1.1985, and it is possible that, by breaching this level, the rise will extend to 1.2100.

But if the pair trades below the resistance of 1.20, it will likely correct the support level of 1.1920 - 1.1850.


The pair retreated to the support level of 1.3670 and succeeded in rebounding from it, so it may test the 1.3850 resistance, which, by surpassing it, may extend the rise to 1.40.

But if the support 1.3670 is broken, the downside move may extend to 1.3460 levels.


The pair retreated to the support area at 109.35 and broke it, so the drop is likely to extend to 108.30. Resistance levels for the pair are 109.35 / 85.


The pair retreated below the support level at 0.9229, so the decline is likely to extend to 0.9135. But if the price rises above 0.9229 another mark, or it is likely to test at 0.9280 levels, and surpass it, the rise may extend to 0.9360.



The pair is still moving near the upper bound of the descending channel, and it is likely to decline to 1.2490, and breaking it, the drop may extend to 1.2370.

Resistance of the pair 1.2650, if it is breached, the rise may extend to 1.2740


The pair succeeded in crossing the upper boundary of the cross channel of 0.7670, and if it stabilizes above it, the rise may extend to 0.7820. But if it falls below 0.7670, the drop may extend to 0.7550.


Gold is still moving in a sideways channel between $1718 and $1760. We expect that if support 1718 is broken, the drop will extend to the level of $1700.

But if it succeeds in overcoming the resistance 1760, the rise may extend to 1800.


Silver is stable above 24.50, so the current rise may extend to 26.50.

However, if the price fell below 24.50 levels, it may continue down to 21.87.


Oil succeeds in surpassing $62 to 63.50, and if the price surpasses 63.50, it may continue its rise to 66.50.

But if the support 62.00, the drop may extend to $57.

Dow Jones

The Dow Jones is still maintaining the uptrend inside the ascending channel, and it is possible that, by surpassing the resistance 33900, the rise will extend towards 34100 - 34250.

Support levels for the index in the case of a correction 33700 - 33550.


The German DAX is moving between the support 15150 and the resistance 15300. If the index breaks the support 15150, the drop may extend to 15000 points.

But if the index maintains the 15150 levels, it is likely to test 15300, and surpassing it, the rise may extend to 15500.


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